How to Use ABA Therapy at Home to Support Your Child’s Learning in Seattle

ABA therapy at home seattleIt can be gratifying to see how much progress your child with autism makes in learning new skills and becoming more independent through ABA therapy. ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, uses the science of positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors while discouraging unwanted ones. One of the best ways to keep that momentum going is to keep up with ABA therapy at home. Here’s how.

Be Consistent With Your Child’s Treatment Plan

Your child’s ABA therapist has fully evaluated your child’s current abilities and identified areas for progress and strategies to achieve it. Working towards those same goals at home using the same techniques gives your child consistency between the clinic and home settings.

Build It Into Your Daily Routines

Children generally thrive on routine because it gives them a sense of calm and predictability that makes transitions easier. Explore ways to solidify your routines at home and strengthen them with ABA techniques. 

Communicate With Your Child’s ABA Therapist

As your child masters new skills and abilities, their ABA therapist may adjust the treatment plan. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your child’s therapist is a good way to ensure everyone is working in the best interests of the child. While the ABA therapist is dedicated to your child’s improvement, supporting the child’s family is also important, so be open to the suggestions, feedback and tips your child’s therapist shares with you.

Ready to Learn More About ABA Therapy at Home in Seattle?

Bayside ABA welcomes children with autism and their families to our beautiful clinic, where our board-certified staff provides skilled ABA services, including intensive early intervention. We are a supportive environment dedicated to children’s skill-building and independence in daily living. Contact us today to learn how practicing ABA therapy at home can improve the outcomes for your child.

Build On Your Child’s Success with ABA Therapy at Home in Seattle

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