3 Ways to Reinforce ABA Skills at Home With Your Child in Seattle

ABA skills at home SeattleApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focuses on understanding and changing behavior, and it can deliver meaningful therapeutic results for children with autism. The key to its success is consistency, and that’s where the parents’ role is so important. Here are three activities for practicing ABA skills at home that you can practice with your child.

Review Visual Schedules

For children who thrive on predictability, reviewing their schedules help improve communication, reduce anxiety and improve overall understanding of expectations for your child. Create a visual schedule using pictures or simple drawings to outline your child’s daily routine. 

Set Up a Token System

Choose specific behaviors or tasks you want to encourage, and when your child successfully completes them, reward them with a token. Tokens can be tangible items like stickers or points on a chart. Once a predetermined number of tokens are acquired, allow your child to exchange them for a reward, like extra playtime. 

Share Social Stories

Reading social stories together can enhance your child’s understanding of social cues and appropriate behaviors so they know what to expect and what’s expected of them. Create stories tailored to your child’s specific needs, focusing on scenarios they may encounter at home or in the community. 

Need Help With ABA Skills at Home in Seattle?

Your child’s ABA therapist is the best resource for developing practice strategies you can use at home. If you’re looking for intensive early intervention and ABA services for young children with autism, check out Bayside ABA. Our caring and compassionate staff is made up of highly trained professionals dedicated to your child’s growth and development, and we are committed to providing a comfortable clinical setting that sets children and their families at ease. Contact us today for more information about ABA services and how children with autism can benefit from them, as well as the best ways to reinforce ABA skills at home

Learn the Best Ways to Practice ABA Skills at Home With the Help of Trained ABA Therapists in Seattle

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