How Does ABA Therapy for Children Work? Your Questions Answered in Seattle

ABA therapy for children seattleIf your child has been diagnosed with autism, you’re likely interested in ways to meet their learning and development needs. Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy is a well-known and evidence-based approach that centers the child in finding treatment solutions. ABA therapy for children may help improve kids’ social, cognitive, motor and interpersonal skills for greater satisfaction in daily living. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is the Basis for ABA Therapy?

The focus of Applied Behavior Analysis is on helping children identify causes and consequences around how they behave in response to different situations. In a broad sense, there are three stages: an event, a behavior, and a result. The work of ABA goes into changing behavior for improved results. 

How Does the Therapist Work with a Child?

An ABA therapist breaks down the three stages with a child in ways they can understand. The child learns to identify opportunities to recognize an event or action and recall the desired behavior in response to that event or action to make different decisions for positive reinforcement. 

What Are Some Examples of ABA Therapy Techniques?

 This method of helping children with autism focuses on positive reinforcement at all times, whether that’s through praise or small rewards. The ABA therapist may model the desired behavior or work with the child using pictures to explore ways to respond in specific situations. There’s always lots of practice and support for parents in continuing this learning at home so that the preferred behavior becomes second nature to the child. 

Ready to Explore ABA Therapy for Children with Autism in Seattle?

Bayside ABA is pleased to offer Seattle-area families the assistance of board-certified staff to deliver high-quality ABA services, including intensive early intervention. Contact us today to learn how ABA therapy for children can support your child’s growth and development towards greater independence and successful learning. 

Discover the Benefits of ABA Therapy for Children in Seattle

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