Quick Guide to Evaluate Your Child’s ABA Therapist Near Seattle

ABA therapist seattleIt’s wise to review your child’s experience with their ABA therapist from time to time. You want to make sure the relationship is still a productive and healthy one that’s a good fit for your child’s needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering the successfulness of this learning experience for kids with autism.

Is Your Child Making Progress in Learning New Skills?

Progress isn’t always linear, and taking a long view of skill building can help determine whether your child’s ABA therapy is achieving your goals. Think about where your child’s skills were upon starting with this therapist and where they are now; even if all goals haven’t been met, has there been meaningful improvement? Does the strategy for helping your child meet their goals get adjusted as your child’s skills change?

Does Your Child Feel Comfortable With Their Therapist?

A good therapist is responsive to your child as an individual and provides hands-on treatment as an active participant in your child’s sessions. There should be an emphasis on positive reinforcement and skill building without fear or punishment.

How Does the Therapist Interact With You?

Parents, caregivers and ABA professionals are collaborators in helping children. Skilled therapists see parents and caregivers’ roles as essential in supporting the work done in therapy sessions, and they welcome your questions, concerns and feedback. 

Are You Looking for a 5-Star ABA Therapist Serving Seattle Children?

Bayside ABA is proud to have on our team credentialed professionals focused on providing evidence-based intensive early intervention and ABA services. Your child’s success is our mission, and every ABA therapist on our staff eagerly works to provide a welcoming clinical environment that fosters learning and self-confidence for children and their caregivers. Contact us today to learn more about our exciting programs and ways your child can benefit from our services. 

Our Practice Includes Only the Best ABA Therapists Serving Seattle Children with Distinction

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