Incorporating ABA Therapy at Home: Tips for Skill Building in Seattle

ABA therapy at home seattleApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a widely used and evidence-based approach to helping children with autism develop essential skills. While clinical ABA sessions guided by a qualified ABA therapist are crucial to success, using strategies learned in ABA therapy at home is a meaningful way for you to support your child’s progress. Here are some practical tips to get you started.

Keep It Simple 

Make use of simple strategies like using clear and concise instructions and breaking tasks into manageable steps. For example, if you want your child to complete a task, such as brushing their teeth, break it down into smaller steps. Allow extra time for tasks to be completed to avoid added stress for you and your child.

Create & Maintain Routines

Establishing structured routines helps your child know what to expect and can reduce anxiety. Create daily schedules that include specific times for activities like meals, play and learning. Visual schedules or timers help your child understand the sequence of events and move smoothly between activities.

Stick With Positive Reinforcement

Reinforcing positive behaviors encourages your child to repeat them. You know your child best, so identify what motivates them, whether it’s verbal praise, a favorite toy or other treat. Consistently reward positive behavior immediately to strengthen the association between the behavior and the reward.

Could Your Child Benefit From Adopting Techniques Used in ABA Therapy at Home in Seattle?

By playing an active role in using ABA therapy at home, parents can provide a supportive environment for their child that fosters growth and learning.

We at Bayside ABA have made it our mission to support children with autism in reaching their greatest potential, and our ABA services are led by a highly qualified team of credentialed professionals focused on providing evidence-based treatment, including intensive early intervention. Learn more about our friendly staff and welcoming clinic that’s focused on children’s comfort and learning through exciting programs and individualized treatment plans. Contact us today to learn more.

Encouraging Well-Rounded ABA Therapy at Home & Our Friendly Clinic to Benefit Seattle Children with Autism

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