Why Parent Support is Critical to ABA Therapy Success in Seattle

aba-therapy seattleApplied Behavior Analysis or ABA is a valuable strategy for helping children with autism better manage their day to day experiences in a way that minimizes their stress or discomfort. But while ABA therapy focuses on children and developing their skill sets, the involvement of parents is an important part of a child’s success. Here’s why.

Collaborate with Your Child’s ABA Therapist

As much as an ABA therapist will closely assess your child and develop a treatment plan that’s customized to their needs, your input is valuable. Parent observations are crucial to building a workable approach to learning that your child is comfortable with.

Help Your Child Practice New Skills

It’s only through practice that your child can truly gain new skills and be able to use them confidently. Practicing what your child learns in the clinical setting while at home or out in the community offers real-world experience and also signals that you believe what they’re learning is important– an important motivator for some children.

Ensure Your Child’s Attendance

Families are busier than ever before, and between work, school, sports and other obligations, it can be tempting to skip the occasional therapy session at the ABA clinic. Every missed treatment threatens the progress made up until that point, so sticking to the schedule is vital. 

Discover the Difference That ABA Therapy in Seattle Can Make

If you’re looking for ways to help your child with autism, Bayside ABA delivers strong ABA services in a comfortable clinical setting for Seattle-area families, including intensive early intervention for young children. Our clients receive ABA treatment directly from our professional therapists and staff for the greatest possible support for their growth and development. Contact us today to learn more about our ABA therapy and how it can be individualized for your child’s needs.

Dedicated ABA Therapy Team Helping Seattle Children & Their Families with Autism 

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