Discover ABA Therapy Examples Used to Help Children with Autism in the Seattle Area

aba therapy examples seattleMany families turn to Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA when seeking ways to help their children manage their autism diagnosis. While there are multiple strategies that certified therapists use in helping children meet social, emotional and other kinds of skills, there are some that are relatively common. If you’re interested in learning more about how ABA can help, check out these ABA therapy examples. They are often used by certified behavior analysts to build individualized care plans for children. 

Discrete Trial Training

In discrete trial training, your child’s therapist breaks down a complex task into smaller parts. The child works on building skills through practicing these more manageable steps, supported by positive reinforcement from the therapist. Discrete trial training is often used to improve a child’s physical and verbal skills. 

Positive Reinforcement

Recognizing a child when they demonstrate desired behavior as a way of motivating or stimulating that behavior to continue is known as positive reinforcement. That recognition from therapists or parents often ranges from something tangible like a treat or prize or from something intangible like praise.


Using modeling, a therapist shows your child how an action should take place, including the typical behavior. That modeled behavior is then practiced by the child under the guidance and support of the therapist. It’s often used to help kids with autism learn to manage social interactions like meeting someone new. 

Ready to Learn More ABA Therapy Examples From a Local Clinic Near Seattle?

Bayside ABA delivers strong ABA services in a comfortable clinical setting for Seattle-area families, including intensive early intervention. Our clients receive care directly from our professional therapists and staff for the greatest possible support for their growth and development. Contact us today to learn more about ABA therapy examples and these learning methods to assist your child in reaching their fullest potential.

Effective ABA Therapy Examples Used by Skilled Therapists to Help Children with Autism Near Seattle

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