Frequently Asked Questions about Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy near Ferndale

Applied Behavior Analysis ferndaleIt’s normal to have questions about Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in Ferndale, especially if your child has only recently been diagnosed with autism. There are several types of autism treatment available, but Applied Behavior Analysis is preferred by many families. Before deciding what’s best for you and your child, consider these common questions and answers:

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a type of therapy often used to treat individuals with autism. It’s learning and behavior-based, and treatments tend to be highly personalized to meet specific and unique needs. Those who undergo the therapy gain a better understanding of behavior, how behavior is impacted by surroundings, and the learning process.

How can it help my child? 

Ultimately, the goal of this treatment will be to help your child increase positive behaviors and decrease negative ones. Your child is also likely to experience improved communication skills, social skills, attention, focus, memory, and academic performance. 

Who coordinates the treatment?

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy can only be provided by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). These professionals have specialized training and are qualified to create and execute treatment plans. Other registered behavior technicians and therapists are also likely to participate in your child’s treatment. Additionally, you’ll play an important role in the process. 

Ask about Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy near Ferndale 

If you have more questions about Applied Behavior Analysis therapy near Ferndale, Bayside ABA has the answers. One of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will be happy to develop a treatment plan specially tailored to your child’s specific needs. You can also count on our Registered Behavior Technicians to provide the necessary support throughout each and every visit. Additionally, our clinic offers intensive early intervention services. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy near Ferndale

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